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Coaching and Consulting, LLC


We're not your typical educational consulting practice.  As compassionate, engaged clinicians and veteran educators, we pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to support you, your family, and the community.  Our approach combines thoughtful review, case management, collaboration, deep connection, and knowledge of effective strategies. We welcome the challenges you bring and we consider each situation through a strengths based, neuroscience informed, and growth mindset lens.  Whether you are seeking a new academic environment for your child, need help getting you or your young adult "unstuck," or are seeking innovative professional development - WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Please reach out to us with your questions, worries, and thoughts.  We welcome conversations that begin with, "I'm not sure if you can help..."  Our guarantee is that we'll take the time to listen AND to hear you.

We connect families, communities, and individuals with mindful solutions through consultation, coaching, and innovative educational experiences.

Coaching: Welcome

The Beacon Team

Hannah Mariotti, MA, is a veteran educator and has worked in mental health for over 20 years. She has held positions in schools, hospitals, health services, and private practice, and has worked in both traditional independent and therapeutic schools serving students from K-12.  Her areas of expertise include: applied neuroscience, anxiety/depression, attachment and trauma, social/emotional learning, mindfulness, growth mindset, and cognitive behavioral techniques.  She also teaches at two local colleges and volunteers with the Granite State Crisis Intervention Team.

​Sarah Wagner has an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and is a school psychologist with 20 years of experience as an educator. She has worked in therapeutic and traditional public schools with students experiencing social, emotional, and/or learning challenges. She has taught 6-12th grade and held positions including Teacher, Behavior Specialist, Director of Academic Support, Learning Specialist and College Counselor. She has specialized training in school psychology, parent education and coaching children and teens with ADHD. 

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Group Students Smilling

Educational Consultation & Placement

We help uncover the right "fit" for children, adolescents, and young adults not successful in their current environments.  We work closely with a variety of specialized strengths based programs and schools that provide support for learning challenges and social emotional struggles, including therapeutic schools, outdoor behavioral health programs, and short term assessment/evaluation venues.  We also offer college counseling and guidance for students who have specific special needs.

People Clapping

Professional Development & Consultation

We offer innovative, experiential workshops, training and consultation with schools, programs, community organizations, and mental health providers on topics including: Growth Mindset/Mindfulness Strategies, Brain Based Learning, Trauma Sensitive Schools and Motivating Reluctant Learners, Mental Health Training for Teachers, Substance Use/Abuse Prevention, Alternative Perspectives on Addiction.

Together at the Top

We create flexible, individualized, coaching programs.  We've supported parents and children of all ages and stages. We also offer personal coaching for anxiety, social skills challenges, and other issues that may be impeding our client's success.


Exploring Mindfulness: Support

We can help you find ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life, through private coaching and support, programming tailored to your workplace/school, and/or private group experiences.  Learn how about the art and science of mindfulness and practice finding the "space between."

Coaching: Services
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